Cubs Sign Lester, Reds Remain Flat

Jeff Passan of Yahoo! sports is reporting here that the Cubs have signed John Lester to a deal worth $155 million.  With the addition of Lester, the Cubs have assembled one of the most intersting looking rosters in the NL Central, if not all of baseball.  While Reds fans collectively weep as everyone in their division has gotten better, Walt and Bob sit quietly on their hands wondering what to do about a projected $17 million over budget???

There are couple different schools of thought in circulation concerning the Reds of 2014.  The first school of thought says the Reds need to finally fill gaps in left field and short stop and improve elsewhere (meanwhile not have major dropoffs in other areas) if they are ever going to make a playoff run.  The second school of thought says the Reds have a good core of talent and have stumbled due to injuries.  Of course, the second school of thought is either full of shit or is Walt Jockety.

The signing of Lester and previous moves across the division have the Reds looking more and more like a 4th place contender in 2015.  Whats more disturbing is that almost everyone believes that this is their last best chance to win.  With free agency years looming in 2016 for the better half of the Reds pitching staff, the Reds have to have a plan don’t they?  Don’t they?

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