The Big Pasta Trade

I didn’t even want to address the trade the Reds made with the Tigers.   Not that Alfredo Simon is untradeable, but its because the 2014 Reds team all to often seemed like a bunch of pushovers. Not Alfredo.  He won me over as a fan when he was the only one on the Reds bench who took serious exception to Tony Rizzo or whatever her name is.  His numbers are probably decieving and he is very likely to be overpaid very soon; but let those without swag cast the first tweet.  Alfredo Simon showed up and threw strikes everytime out.

What did the Reds get in return?  Probably just enough talent to agravate all the teenage girls  who think Zach Cozart is dreamy.  I am speaking of 22 year old shortstop Eugenio Suarez.

The folks up in Detroit aren’t thrilled with trade and that makes me feel better.  Everyone expects Simon to regress.  Well not everyone. There is that and maybe that alone is enough to try to unload him.

Maybe they haven’t seen the Reds play because by all accounts, Suarez could replace Cozart at some point:

Suarez had some spurts of success in 2014, but his overall numbers were not that impressive. Suarez possess a good glove and range, but his glove at times was suspect and his lack of big league experience really showed. Suarez will probably never be an All Star, but could be a nice bench piece for the Reds for years to come.

The Reds have a nice bench piece in Cozart.  Suarez is a player who strikes out twice as many times as he walks and has never hit more than 9 home runs in one season, at any level.

Nevermind, lets move on to the other piece the Reds got for Simon, pitching prospect, Jonathon Crawford.

Crawford was tabbed by several sources as the Tigers number 1 pitching prosepect (i’m not sold on that).  Crawford is another University of Florida pitcher, joining fello Gator, Anthony DeSclafani as new additions to the Reds pitching stable.  I’ve read reports that called Crawford’s performance at A ball “dominating.”  I do not agree.  He walked 50 batters in 123 innings and only struck out 85.  Decent numbers; but the league he pitched in has a few canyons as ball parks.

However you view Crawford, he is still seasons away from contributing.  He is the meat of the Simon deal but I don’t think he can hit or play left field.   The Tigers saw him as expendable because they do have a nice bunch of young arms.  I think one scout sums Crawford up perfectly:

The secondary stuff isn’t necessarily the issue, as far as I’m concerned. The slider is a true wipeout pitch, probably a 7, but I’m more worried about the velocity and the delivery. He’s really, really stiff, and the motion kind of reminds me of Tyson Ross with the short stride.

How will the Reds disapoint us next?  Will it be to bring in another Carmello Martinez?  Whoever it is, they missed out again.  And enjoy your weekend and don’t read this.

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