Bengals vs Johnny Isis

The Bengals are in Cleveland this morning, hopefully in a bad mood. The last time these two ridiculous franchises met was November when the Bengals had their asses kicked. At home. On a Thursday night. Dalton was awful as the offensive line failed to do anything with Cleveland.

Today’s game is a checkpoint for Hue Jackson. He has escaped much criticism from anyone in the Cincinnati media in large part because the Bengals have been in first place in their division most of the year. Today is different; post season appearances may be affirmed or denied. Jackson has had 5 weeks since that Thursday night debacle to fix a few things. In football, you never stay the same. You are either getting better or you are getting worse.

Jeremy Hill has been named the starter over Gio. That’s typical Hue showing his hand. He obviously is going to try to run the ball and do whatever he talked all offseason about doing. Jackson is not an innovator, he reacts. He realizes the Bengals can’t handle all the looks the Browns will give on defense. He realizes he has a very limited QB.

Look for the Bengals to try to pound the ball and improve on the 3 point output from 5 weeks ago.

This game will come down to how well the Bengals play on defense. They were not very good against the last mobile QB they faced in Cam Newton. The Bengals have to tackle.

The television networks have made this the showcase game across the country. It will be televised from coast to coast but only because of Johnny Isis. The bigger the stage the smaller the kitten is the Bengal way. Advantage Browns.

If the Bengals want to win they will hit Manziel. They will hit him whether he has the ball or not. I would expect to see a couple 15 yard penalties out of the Bengals today. At least I’m hoping.

Here’s what the bad guys have to say about today’s game.

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