Bishop Brossart Vs. Campbell County

The Crosstown Shootout Classic has evolved into a rival because Brossart started winning occasionally.  I looked all over for historical statistics and game results and found none.  Then I came across Wikipedia which is generally more interesting reading than historical statistics anyway.

Per the Campbell County High School Wikipedia page, the school’s only notable alumni is actor Glenn Withrow.  While Withrow has a pretty nice filmography that includes Beverly Hills Cop II, The Outsiders, and Peggy Sue Got Married, he is hardly the only notable alumni.  There is a small collection of athletes that have reached the highest levels such as former NLF offensive lineman and UK Hall of Famer, Hershchel Turner.  Then there are individuals like Steven Schardt who worked with Jeff Bezos in creating  Last year when Schardt’s mother passed away, Bezos attended the funeral in Alexandria, Kentucky.  When is the last time a billionaire showed up in Alexandria, Wikipedia?  (But you would think the school that produced the guy that developed the code for Amazon would have a better Hall of Fame website than that eye sore.)

The Bishop Brossart Wikipedia page is even worse: “The boys bowling team were district champions in the year of 2007 – 2008. The school’s mascot is the mustang.”

Although, Brossart (5-5) has won the last two match ups with both games decided in overtime. The Camels (10-2) come into the game as the favorite on the backs of Matt Wilson and Deondre Jackson.

The game will be played at the Campbell County Middle School, tip-off is 7:30.  Freshmen play at 4:30 and the JV play at 6:00.

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