Always Positive: Stuart Scott Was Never A Bengals Fan

I never agreed with Stuart Scott on this point because I believe spectator sports provide a way to escape the real problems and stresses that life throws at people.  If booing the Bengals helps make you feel better for a few minutes, then have at it.  This quote below summarizes Stuart and his positive outlook and treatment of even the most undeserving.  We should all take this moment to boo cancer.

“When you go to the sporting events and you’re watching the athletes compete as hard as they can, stop booing, OK? There’s no point in booing these athletes. They’ve all worked hard. They’ve all trained hard, and let’s see you get out there and do it, all right?

“If you want to go and have fun and cheer your team, do that, but if your team, if your guy, if your girl doesn’t do anything, c’mon, man, don’t boo them.”

~ Stuart Scott – New Year’s Eve, 2005

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