Saturday Morning Cartoons

Brian Bozworth finally gets into the college football Hall of Fame after decades of apologizing, bending over backwards, and bootlicking.  I’m not suggesting that he should not have had to jump through hoops to get in; but Jim Tressel joined Bozworth in this year’s class.  The same Jim Tressel who is serving a five-year show-cause penalty for lying to the NCAA.

Curling isn’t just an olympic sport.  Oh Canada! you guys are a wild bunch.  The Continental Cup is happening now.  The event will be held in Vegas next year.  In 2014, the last time the event was held in Las Vegas, over 50,000 attended the four-day party.

And isn’t anything sacred anymore?  Tom Brady just needs 3 more to break Joe Montana’s record of 45 postseason touchdown passes.

Tom Brady needs 2 TD passes to tie Joe Montana for most in NFL postseason history

— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) January 10, 2015

If it smokes like a duck… Oregon will be without red shirt freshman receiver Darren Carrington when they face Ohio State in the national championship.  Carrington failed a drug test for marijuana.  Imagine that.  Unbelievable. Ohio will finally see benefits from drug testing.  God is punishing us all.  The irony.

A former Dolphin swims 9 miles after falling off his boat.  According to, Rob Konrad, the former Miami Dolphin fullback was out fishing in Florida waters when he fell off his boat.  His boat was on autopilot and drifted away.  Konrad swam 9 miles to shore and was in the water an estimated 10-12 hours.

Here’s a photo of all the former Wildcats in the NBA.  Do fans really identify with these players?  College sports are already about cheering for laundry.  I get that.  But the one and done or two and done is cheapening the experience for everyone. When the rule finally gets changed, will the Calipari years still be memories that are dear to your heart?  I don’t think so; the whole thing stinks.

Today is the 33 year anniversary of the Freezer Bowl. Enjoy the balmy temperatures in the 20s today. The Freezer Bowl is recalled as the coldest game in NFL history. Spurred by a low-pressure storm off Canada’s Hudson Bay, the game-time temperature read -9 °F, with incessant wind making it feel like -38 °F (often cited as -59 °F under the old wind-chill formula).

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