Tuesday: It was good.


The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder.
~Richard J. Daley

Less than 90 minutes after winning the first ever college football playoff National Championship, citizens in Columbus, Ohio were gassed and the celebration was ended by a militarized police force.  Why?  Because they would not stay on the sidewalks.  Police in this country need to chill the fuck out.  They show up looking like soldiers and marines in full riot gear and armor like they are in Fullujah.  Its ridiculous and time for a serious discussion to take place about what kind of country we want to live in.  A handful of people were arrested last night. What is the taxpayer bill for that?

University of Texas football is once again the most profitable in the country, raking in $74 million in profits. Michigan was second at $64.6.  The University of Kentucky football is around $18 million in profits (Florida State football is only at about $24 million).  However, the football program gets a raw deal, as priorities are sorely misplaced in Lexington.   Kentucky basketball profits fall more in the $6 million range. University of Louisville has the most profitable basketball program in the country at about $17 million.  There just isn’t any money in broadcasting college basketball, except for a few situations and the made for TV, NCAA tournament.

Jason Whitlock wrote this once upon a time: 

Listen, I love the NFL playoffs. But I also love the college football regular season, which is the best regular season in all of sports. The sports writers and broadcasters who constantly campaign for a college playoff system are completely misguided and uninformed.

I wonder if he still feels that way.

The Norse mens basketball team hosts Kennesaw State in the A-SUN home opener tomorrow night at 7:00 pm.  Come check out some Division I basketball and have a couple beers in a very comfortable arena.

Baseball America has this to say about the Reds outlook:

But over the long term, it’s going to be hard for the Reds to keep up with the Pirates, Cardinals and Cubs, given their payroll obligations to Votto and second baseman Brandon Phillips.

In 2017, the Reds will devote roughly $70 million to four players. For a team that saw its payroll max out at $114 million in 2014, and was under $100 million just two years ago, it’s going to be tough to figure out a way to make those numbers work.

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