Hall of Famer Adam Dunn

Brian Kinney of sportsonearth.com–

No, Dunn didn’t field (the metrics rank him as the worst outfielder ever). Surprisingly mobile when young (19 steals as a rookie), Dunn would be immobile by 30. But I’m sorry, the basic premise is this: with 40 homers and 100 walks, you’re an excellent player. Do that for 15 years, you have 600 home runs with a .370 on-base percentage. That, absent the “sportswriter steroid cloud” gets you to the Hall of Fame. And spare me the lip service to defense being important for Hall Induction: Keith Hernandez and Dwight Evans fell off the ballot, Alan Trammell is nowhere close on the current ballot, and Bill Mazeroski’s induction led to a revamping of the Veteran’s Committee process. Writers and analysts bring up defense only to knock a player, not credit him.

Dunn’s official retirement this past Monday ends the debate. He probably didn’t take care of himself as much as he could have. But those summer nights at the Newport Beer Sellar were pretty fun. Hook’em horns!

Dunn always gave off the impression that he would rather be doing something else, although he consistently was in the lineup, day after day. Paul Daugherty sure despised him. With the sofa and the magazine reading in the clubhouse, Doc lives to write about that.

However, Dunn was young and in the same clubhouse as Barry Larkin and Ken Griffey Jr. If those two didn’t have a problem with Dunn, how was he to know? I really wish Dunn would’ve stuck out a couple of more seasons just to instigate the debate. But that’s not Big donkey’s style.

What are your best Adam Dunn memories?

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