Andy Dalton Is Not Clutch In The Post Season: In Case You Need Proof

We are big fans of Nate Silver and the work he does at  Recently, Silver wrote an article that showed that “The Most Clutch Postseason Quarterback of All Time Is Eli Manning”.  Silver’s analysis incorporated something called “Elo ratings“, a simple but interesting system developed by physicist Arpad Elo to rate chess players.  Naturally, as a fan stuck in the land of the one and out Bengals, I was curious about how Andy Dalton stacked up on the all time list.  Dalton falls about where you would probably expect him to fall on the list; dead last among all active quarterbacks and number 179 out of 180.

The chart below basically says that Andy Dalton should have won at least one and probably two of his four playoff games.  The chart contains every quarterback that was active in this year’s playoffs; and every quarterback that had been the principal (primary) quarterback in at least 10 postseason games since 1970.


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