It Is Time For Kentucky High School Basketball To Seed Every District Tournament

There are 64 districts in Kentucky high school basketball; 55 of those 64 districts seed the boys district tournament and 54 seed for girls.  Is there any valid reason to not seed each and every district tournament?  If the reason for not seeding is because of scheduling limitations, then that is not a very good reason at all.  There is one class in basketball. One true state champion.  Every school should be treated equitably in the tournament and every school should be given a fair shake at the turnstyle.   That is the spirit behind the sweet 16 or am I missing something?







Anyone with a good argument in favor of drawing over seeding? Tweet to @859sports or comment below.


The only districts in Kentucky that do not seed are:

District 7
Caldwell County
Dawson Springs
Hopkins County Central
Madisonville-North Hopkins

District 36
Newport Central Catholic

District 38
Harrison County
Nicholas County
Pendleton County

District 39
Bracken County
Mason County
St. Patrick

District 43
Lexington Catholic
Lexington Christian
Paul Laurence
Tates Creek

District 49
Clay County
Jackson County
North Laurel
Oneida Baptist
Red Bird

District 53 (Girls Draw only)
Knott County Central
Letcher County Central

District 54
Leslie County
Perry County Central

District 55
Breathitt County
Jackson City
Riverside Christian
Wolfe County

District 61
Bath County
Fleming County
Menifee County
Rowan County

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