Five For Friday: Balls rule, Air Balls, Ball Four, Pro Bowls, and Bowling

  1. The NFL rule book doesn’t say much about testing for HGH, beating your wife, or general jack-assedness (think Brett Favre); but it does have a pretty detailed section on footballs.

The Ball

2.  We haven’t talked much about the Bearcats and neither has anyone else.  The Enquirer has become the Musketeer Press and the B-Cats have been difficult to watch (not one player is averaging double digits). Last month, connecting UC with 2015-01-23 14-03-20the Big 12 was all the rage.  That has seemed to cool off at about the same rate as AAC scoring. We haven’t forgotten that the AAC is the producer of the reigning NCAA tournament champion.  But come on now, if Larry Brown is the most interesting thing about your conference how excited are we supposed to be?  Not much is going on anywhere else.  The biggest story in the SEC these days is when a depleted team that hasn’t competed nationally in 50 years hangs around to lose by double digits to a UK team that will likely go undefeated, while shooting air balls.  The Norse are the most interesting basketball story in the 859 to date, I don’t care what anyone says.   Until UK loses or wins their 40th straight, there is absolutely nothing interesting about #BBN right now.  The Bearcats in the Big 12 would change that.  What would be a bigger story than Huggins and the Mountaineers rolling into Clifton right about now?  Or Tubberville in recruiting battles in Texas?  Make it it happen UC.  I’d be interested to know what the college basketball TV ratings were in the 859 for games that did not include the Wildcats.

3.  Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in less than four weeks.  The Reds do not have a starting rotation and somehow along the way got older in left field.  Good job, good effort.

4.  The Washington Post lured me in with this headline: “Andy Dalton is not the worst QB selected to the Pro Bowl in last decade. Colts’ Andrew Luck is.”  At first I thought maybe they meant “worst looking,” as in attractiveness.  But then they go on to explain that 2012 Andrew Luck was a bad Pro Bowl selection too.

5.   ESPN will be televising Chris Paul’s celebrity bowling event on Super Bowl Sunday instead of Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks taking on the Lakers. Im not sure if that says more about ESPN, the Knicks, or the viewing public.  We all lose.

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