Who Are The Players? And Is #Playersfirst Good For The University Of Kentucky?

So Coach Cal (or a very underpaid minion) is very active on twitter these days:

Can the above Tweet be reconciled with the below and if so, how? 

The 1991-92 team is one of the most fondly remembered in UK’s long basketball history. The Wildcats were coming off a two-year postseason ban due to major recruiting violations committed during the tenure of Pitino’s predecessor Eddie Sutton, although the NCAA found Sutton was not personally liable. The violations mainly centered on alleged cheating by former player Eric Manuel on the ACT college entrance exam and cash payments to the guardian of another former player, Chris Mills.

The team’s four seniors, three of whom were Kentucky natives, had remained loyal to the program throughout its probation, and would enter Kentucky basketball history as “The Unforgettables”. They were:
Richie Farmer, a 6’0″ shooting guard from Manchester, a small town in the state’s eastern coal fields.
Deron Feldhaus, a 6’7″ forward from Maysville, a small Ohio River town in the Bluegrass region, about an hour’s drive upriver from Cincinnati.
John Pelphrey, a 6’8″ forward from another eastern coal town, Paintsville.
Sean Woods, the only non-Kentuckian, a 6’2″ point guard from Indianapolis.

Any thoughts?

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