John Feinstein Is A Duke Alum And Its All A Big Conspiracy Against UK

Not long ago I wrote about why Kentucky deserved all of the first place votes and slightly ridiculed sports writers and then tried to offer an explanation about why someone would not vote UK first place.   In that rambling blog I even wrote this:

 “The facts are these; you would have to stretch some pretty obscure statistics to find any objective evidence that would suggest that Virginia should get a first place vote over Kentucky at this point in the season. “

That sentence above was not enough praise for some of #bbn.  It seems any critical thinking about the University of Kentucky basketball team irritates a segment of the fan base to no end.

Well, end the end, we learn that it is John Feinstein who is clinging to the remaining first place vote.   We also learn that he is stretching some “pretty obscure statistics” or completely disregarding statistics altogether.   He responded to requests from Kentucky writers about why he was  voting for Virginia.  You can read his response from below:

“Hey, Rick – Someone just sent me your Kentucky-UVa column. I’m honestly not sure why anyone in Kentucky CARES that I’ve voted UVA #1 the last three weeks, except I guess that it’s me and I’m evil incarnate.

“I’m guessing if the kid in Indy (Zach Osterman of the Indy Star) had voted UVA #1 this week instead of me it would have barely been noticed. I gotta say your five points are pretty much EXACTLY why I’ve voted for UVA!

“1. Everybody’s Super Bowl. If that’s the criteria, then Duke has to be #1 every week since 1992 regardless of record…

“2. McDonald’s All Americans. Really? Who cares? I admire teams that win without McD AA’s, who are often determined by who they sign with — as in Kentucky, Duke, UNC. JOEY BEARD was a McDonald’s All American. Joe Smith was not. There are a hundred like examples…

“3. NBA draft picks? How in the world is that relevant to THIS season? And, again I love teams that win with great college players. No one did that better than (former Indiana coach Bob) Knight. How many future NBA All-Stars played for U-Conn last year? But they WON…

“4. Recruiting battles? (UK coach John) Calipari recruits one-and-dones who are passing through Kentucky not going to school there. I feel the same way, BTW, about the one-and-dones at Duke (Feinstein is a Duke grad). Please don’t tell me that Kyrie Irving is a “Duke alumnus.” Most of Bennett’s players will stay 3 or 4 years and graduate. I prefer his style but both apparently work….

“5. Scoring 80 points or more? Bennett’s style is 100 percent opposite that. It may not be pretty–Kentucky this year ain’t exactly pretty either–but it works and HAS worked for years.”

What do you think of Feinstein’s argument?

Should the Kentucky Wildcats be the unanimous No. 1 in both major polls in your eyes as we approach the month of February?

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