Some Quick Last Minute Super Bowl Notes

Six offensive linemen starting in tonight’s Super Bowl were drafted in either the first or second round.  All three of Seattle’s starting wide receivers were undrafted free agents.  For New England, Edelman is the only WR drafted, acquired in the seventh round.

Geno Atkins would be the highest paid defensive lineman and the third highest paid player overall in the Super Bowl.

Richard Sherman explains that the “You mad bro?” was in response to something Brady had said.

The Patriots play like professionals on defense and have allowed the second fewest yards after initial contact, per-carry over the past three years.  They have allowed just two runs of twenty yards or more.  Everybody else in the league has allowed at least five.  Oddly, they do not make very many plays behind the line of scrimmage, 28th.  Baltimore was the last decent rushing team the Patriots faced. The Ravens ran 28 times for 136 yards against the Patriots in the playoffs.

On offense, the Patriots are one of the most efficient teams in the league.  Brady doesn’t throw deep very often but they are really good at getting the ball to guys in space so that they can run.  That is tough to do against the Seahawks.  The Patriots vs. Ravens divisional playoff game is instructive.  The Pats needed and got 400 passing yards to beat the Ravens 35-31.  Baltimore only gave up 14 yards on the ground.

I’m going with the Seahawks.

Thats enough of that nonsense…

Here’s a look at some the top Super Bowl ads of all time.

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