Five (or More)For Friday: “no lie”

Twice now, Bengals coaches have been compelled to come to the defense of Andy Dalton.  First it was Marvin Lewis a couple of weeks ago at the Senior Bowl in Mobile.  More recently it’s been the duty of offensive coordinator Hue Jackson.  When Jackson was asked about Dalton’s Pro-Bowl play he said that he missed Dalton’s Pro-Bowl performance because he fell asleep.

But even Hue couldn’t bring himself to completely ignore Dalton’s season.  His defense of Dalton was limited to a three game stretch.  He saw the same thing we did:  “I see in the first three games of the season a guy that played with moxie and tenacity and aggressiveness, and who played extremely well down that 3-0 stretch.” ~Quote from ESPN

I’m not hopeful.

If you didn’t see Paul Dehner Jr.’s “Ranking the Bengal’s Roster” you should.  We are lucky to have Dehner.  He is a sharp dude and so much better than the collection of pillow biters that write for the Reds in this town, save C. Trent.   He has Dalton listed as the 12th Bengal.  George Iloka is 11th.  A.J. Green and Jeremy Hill are number 1 and 2.

By the way, the shortest book ever written is called, “Super Bowl Champions who’s best two players are a wide receiver and quarterback.”

Tiger Woods withdrew. I always suspected he was a rhythm player.  The rumors about Tiger always finishing first are greatly exaggerated it looks like.  But I digress..

Tiger should stop playing until he is 100% healthy.  Tightness in the back?  Tiger has lost his mojo and I believe that can only mean one thing:

I can’t say Earl Thomas without saying Conley.

I wish “Cheers” was still an active television show.  Gronk and Edelman making cameos…it would be the best.  Carla following all over herself to get to Gostkowski.  An aging Sam Malone competing with the kids for the ladies attention.  We find out that Cliff was behind deflating the balls after tracking them down at the post office.  Woody getting high with Josh Gordon at a Super Bowl party.  Belichick sitting in Norm’s chair.  Frasier getting assaulted by a rabid fan for wearing a Seattle scarf.  The two part episode writes itself.

Los Angeles Clipper, Chris Paul dropped an all-time, sure to become meme, slur, “…this might not be for her” in regards to a female official.   Suspension and fine are forthcoming for sure.   Go ahead and tweet your “This might not be for her” memes @859sports.

Pete Carroll said, “I cried over the loss.”  He also told Matt Lauer that he never makes a call thinking it is going to go bad and that it “just didn’t turn out well.”   Was he talking about his time at USC?

Never trust a girl who shares a name with a teenage witch.  Julian Edelman learned the hard way.  Women will do anything these days.   Maybe Tinder isn’t for her.  sabrina-dudish-tinder-2 (1)

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