#Trivia Question Of The Day

2/15/15- Name the automobile makes that have won the Daytona 500:

Answer to the last question:  Bob Horner held the longest home run streak without a grand slam before Sosa surpassed him in 1998.

2/9/15 – Sammy Sosa holds a dubious record of hitting 248 home runs without hitting a grand slam.   Sosa’s streak ended in 1998. Who’s record no grand slam streak did Sosa surpass (210 home runs)?  You have to play on some mediocre teams to pull that off.

Answer to the last question:  Duke, Indiana, LSU, Michigan, UNC, Ohio State, and UCLA.

2/8/15 – Nine (9) NCAA Schools have had multiple AP Player of the Year award winners.  Two of the schools; NC State and Virginia had the same player win more than once (David Thompson 2x, Ralph Sampson 3x) Name the other 7 schools.

Answer to the last question:  Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan

2/7/15 – In the ten seasons from 1980-1981 to 1989-1990, only 5 different players won the Most Valuable Player award of the NBA.  Who are they?


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