T’is The Season to be Grumpy

February is always a tough month for sports. Here in the 859, it’s cold even when it’s sunny outside and most days it’s not even particularly sunny. Sure, we have the Super Bowl in February but even that game marks an end.

Even being located at the epicenter of the popularity of college basketball, there isn’t much to talk about and there won’t be until tournament time rolls around and games start counting again. Writing about a 25th straight win is just as interesting as writing about an ass whoopin’ at Temple.

The Reds “truck day” was yesterday. I can’t imagine it’s cost beneficial to load up an 18 wheeler and drive it to Arizona and back in 8 weeks. The most interesting question that no one answers is, “what the hell is in all those boxes?” Laundry? Old Dallas Latos jerseys? What?

This February has been even more gloomy than usual. We’ve learned that even Super Bowl winners troll on Tinder for the low fruit. What’s the point in being rich? The first sign of a concussion might be, being rich and famous and owning a Twitter account.
Take your Neanderthal brains and beard, get in your douche looking sports car and head down town. There’s a dude right now in a Camry, that plays disc golf, pulling better than Sabrina from Tinder. Geesh.

I can’t figure out if Tiger Woods belongs in the saddest or most enjoyable things about February sports category. Tiger Woods is Babe Ruth if Babe Ruth had played in this era. In Ruth’s last four seasons there were plenty other guys with better games than him. Then one day, at age 40, Ruth just lost it altogether and quit.

At least we won’t hear about Tiger Woods on Tinder.

The two saddest sports stories of February so far have been the passing of Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian. Numbers 10 and 35 on the all-time win list. I honestly don’t remember very much about Dean Smith basketball other than it was boring as hell to watch. Which is exactly the reason that any basketball fan growing up in the 80 and 90s knows who Jerry Tarkanian is.

Bob Huggins is number 22 on the list with 758 wins. The most impressive thing about Huggins is that he didn’t start coaching until the 80s. Coach K and Boeheim started in the 60s and 70s.

There’s a lot of sports “events” this month: Daytona 500, the NBA All-star game, the Tokyo Marathon, and all kinds of things Europeans get excited about. But for me, just get me through to some real sports.

When can we start bitching about the Reds not scoring runs again? ESPN is good for nothing but now has the Reds ranked 24th in MLB. Ahhhh, music to my ears. To many fans, Billy Hamilton collapsed in 2014. To many people with a calculator he stopped getting lucky. Never before have I watched a team get worse over a 5 year span but still believe they were improving. Now that regression and bad contracts are catching up with my beloved Reds; I’m expecting everyone of those upcoming 90 losses.

Biggest failure to capitalize on customer loyalty this decade: Cincinnati Reds or Cincinnati Bell?
Seems both peeked in the 70s.

Excuse the typos, this is hard to do on a phone while you wait for coffee.

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