T’is The Season to be Grumpy

February is always a tough month for sports. Here in the 859, it’s cold even when it’s sunny outside and most days it’s not even particularly sunny. Sure, we have the Super Bowl in February but even that game marks an end.

Even being located at the epicenter of the popularity of college basketball, there isn’t much to talk about and there won’t be until tournament time rolls around and games start counting again. Writing about a 25th straight win is just as interesting as writing about an ass whoopin’ at Temple.

The Reds “truck day” was yesterday. I can’t imagine it’s cost beneficial to load up an 18 wheeler and drive it to Arizona and back in 8 weeks. The most interesting question that no one answers is, “what the hell is in all those boxes?” Laundry? Old Dallas Latos jerseys? What?

This February has been even more gloomy than usual. We’ve learned that even Super Bowl winners troll on Tinder for the low fruit. What’s the point in being rich? The first sign of a concussion might be, being rich and famous and owning a Twitter account.
Take your Neanderthal brains and beard, get in your douche looking sports car and head down town. There’s a dude right now in a Camry, that plays disc golf, pulling better than Sabrina from Tinder. Geesh.

I can’t figure out if Tiger Woods belongs in the saddest or most enjoyable things about February sports category. Tiger Woods is Babe Ruth if Babe Ruth had played in this era. In Ruth’s last four seasons there were plenty other guys with better games than him. Then one day, at age 40, Ruth just lost it altogether and quit.

At least we won’t hear about Tiger Woods on Tinder.

The two saddest sports stories of February so far have been the passing of Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian. Numbers 10 and 35 on the all-time win list. I honestly don’t remember very much about Dean Smith basketball other than it was boring as hell to watch. Which is exactly the reason that any basketball fan growing up in the 80 and 90s knows who Jerry Tarkanian is.

Bob Huggins is number 22 on the list with 758 wins. The most impressive thing about Huggins is that he didn’t start coaching until the 80s. Coach K and Boeheim started in the 60s and 70s.

There’s a lot of sports “events” this month: Daytona 500, the NBA All-star game, the Tokyo Marathon, and all kinds of things Europeans get excited about. But for me, just get me through to some real sports.

When can we start bitching about the Reds not scoring runs again? ESPN is good for nothing but now has the Reds ranked 24th in MLB. Ahhhh, music to my ears. To many fans, Billy Hamilton collapsed in 2014. To many people with a calculator he stopped getting lucky. Never before have I watched a team get worse over a 5 year span but still believe they were improving. Now that regression and bad contracts are catching up with my beloved Reds; I’m expecting everyone of those upcoming 90 losses.

Biggest failure to capitalize on customer loyalty this decade: Cincinnati Reds or Cincinnati Bell?
Seems both peeked in the 70s.

Excuse the typos, this is hard to do on a phone while you wait for coffee.

February 16, 1994

I watched this game from a dorm room at Morehead State almost 21 years ago to the day.  I had two roommates at the time, both were from Pikevooolle.  The following semester I would return to more civilized living arrangements with two northern Kentuckians.  Hard to believe that I was 5 years old and in college.

Kentucky 99, LSU 95

Kentucky pulled off the greatest comeback in college basketball history tonight, rallying from 31 points down with 15 minutes 30 seconds to play to defeat Louisiana State, 99-95, at Baton Rouge, La.

“I can’t believe it,” Kentucky Coach Rick Pitino said. “I know I’ve never, ever witnessed anything like it.”

Duke held the record for the largest comeback when it rallied from a 56-27 halftime deficit to beat Tulane by 74-72 on Dec. 30, 1950.

L.S.U. led by 48-32 at halftime and used an 18-0 run to take a 31-point lead before the second half was five minutes old, but Kentucky scored 24 of the next 28 points. The Wildcats cut the lead to 82-74 on McCarty’s steal underneath and dunk with 6:25 left.

Pitino may have had some doubts, but Travis Ford didn’t. The point guard had 10 points, 12 assists and one big motivational speech.

“I pulled everyone together and I said, ‘We’re down 31 and we’re not leaving this building without a win. We’re going to win this game no matter what. I’ll stay here all night,’ ” Ford said. “And everyone said, ‘You’re right,’ and everyone stepped up their play.”

Walter McCarty’s 3-pointer with 19 seconds left gave the 11th-ranked Wildcats a 96-95 lead, their first since 1-0. McCarty had 23 points for Kentucky (19-5, 8-3 in the Southeastern Conference), which had lost two straight. Freshman Ronnie Henderson scored 36 points and Clarence Ceasar added 32 for the Tigers (11-10, 5-7). Syracuse 79, Providence 74

Adrian Autry scored after rebounding his own missed free throw with 55 seconds to play to cap a 14-point comeback and give No. 14 Syracuse (17-4, 9-4 in the Big East) a victory over Providence. Providence (12-8, 5-7) led 52-38 with 16:41 to play after scoring 16 straight points, but wilted under Syracuse’s aggressive defense.

St. Smith Passes Away At 83

ICYMI, according to ESPN, the greatest most important man that ever walked the earth passed away.  Royalty.  Dean Smith died at 83 and won a lot of basketball games (879) until he retired at the end of the 1996-97 season.  I was surprised to learn he only had 18 All-Americans.  It seems like there were more.  Smith was 13-3 all-time versus the University of Kentucky, 11 Final Fours, and zero accountability for the “paper classes”.

But hey, we all know it’s possible to be a head coach and not really know what your players are doing.  Besides, it is more fun to blame Mack Brown and Butch Davis any way.  But I digress.

Smith was hired during UNC’s darkest hour.  In 1960, the program had just been sanctioned for recruiting violations and was swamped in point shaving rumors.  The plan at the time was to de-emphasize basketball but Smith pulled the Tar Heels from the ashes and appeared to run a relatively clean program throughout his career.

Nowadays, instead of de-emphasizing anything, athletic departments just ignore scandals and pretend they didn’t happen.  Every institution has its team of zombie apologists.  The NCAA is powerless and douchebags like Jay Bilas will play both ends against the middle.

RIP Dean.

#Trivia Question Of The Day

2/15/15- Name the automobile makes that have won the Daytona 500:

Answer to the last question:  Bob Horner held the longest home run streak without a grand slam before Sosa surpassed him in 1998.

2/9/15 – Sammy Sosa holds a dubious record of hitting 248 home runs without hitting a grand slam.   Sosa’s streak ended in 1998. Who’s record no grand slam streak did Sosa surpass (210 home runs)?  You have to play on some mediocre teams to pull that off.

Answer to the last question:  Duke, Indiana, LSU, Michigan, UNC, Ohio State, and UCLA.

2/8/15 – Nine (9) NCAA Schools have had multiple AP Player of the Year award winners.  Two of the schools; NC State and Virginia had the same player win more than once (David Thompson 2x, Ralph Sampson 3x) Name the other 7 schools.

Answer to the last question:  Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan

2/7/15 – In the ten seasons from 1980-1981 to 1989-1990, only 5 different players won the Most Valuable Player award of the NBA.  Who are they?

Saturday Morning Cartoons 2/7/15: The TMZ Issue

Good afternoon everyone.

Bruce Jenner has a website coming soon with the title, “World’s Greatest Athlete.”  There may be an entire generation that doesn’t even know that Jenner was an athlete.  For those who screenshot-www.brucejenner.com 2015-02-07 12-58-36don’t know, Jenner became wildly popular after winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the decathlon in 1976.  During the 1972 Olympics, in the midst of the “Cold War”, the USA lost the Gold to the Soviets in basketball, the decathlon, and the 100 meters.  When he won in ’76, Jenner was looked upon as a hero who had put America back on top.

So, ultimately it was a transgendered person who beat the Russians in the Iron man event.  USA! USA! USA!

Even the Village People are surprised Bruce Jenner’s becoming a woman. Randy Jones — a k a the Cowboy from the “Macho Man” band — was spotted at John and Tommy Greco’s K*Rico in Hell’s Kitchen, exclaiming, “I need a cocktail. I can’t wrap my mind around the news on Bruce!”

Bigger fall from the top:  Tiger Woods or Alex Rodriguez?  Apparently, Arod is healthy again or as healthy as someone with two surgically repaired hips will ever be.

Ryan Hatch of NJ.com reports that Dr. Brian Kelly of the Hospital for Special Surgery has cleared Rodriguez to play in 2015. Brian Cashman took to WFAN to talk with Mike Francesa, a notorious A-Rod apologist.

“It’s all systems go,” Cashman said. “He’s been conditioning and going in the right direction.” Kelly has performed surgery on A-Rod in the past.

So there is this dog that does ballet.


There is something comforting in predicting gloom and doom for the Redlegs.  That being the case, here are two paragraphs that will make you feel warm inside:

The Reds are kind of strapped financially, with $69 million already committed to the 2016 payroll without the salaries of Cueto, Mike Leake (earning $9.78 million in 2015), Aroldis Chapman (entering third year of arbitration), Todd Frazier (entering second year of arbitration) and Zack Cozart (entering first year of arbitration). Let’s not forget about Marlon Byrd, who has an $8 million vesting option (if he makes 550 plate appearances).

Perhaps the Reds shouldn’t have jumped the gun before the 2014 season when they signed starter Homer Bailey to a six-year, $105 million contract when his career numbers are just about average (58-50 with a 4.17 ERA, 1.31 WHIP and 829 strikeouts in 166 starts). At that point they already had given Joey Votto (10 years and $225 million), Brandon Phillies (10 years and $98 million) and Jay Bruce (six years and $51 million) fairly large contracts for the type of market they’re in.

The Reds are kind of like watching Demi Moore make one last grab at being on top and then tragically becoming a castaway after a couple bonehead moves.

Sports at the professional and quasi-amatuer college level are often times sick, perverted, and disgusting entities.  I hate watching the trickle down effect that it is having on high school sports.  Everyone seems to be playing for some other reason than the game itself.  AAU, Elite, traveling, select; are all words that make my skin crawl.  Play for your school.  Playing for your school is all that matters.  Those are the memories that you will take with you and what you will hold onto forever.  Keep it in perspective, because the world already has too many assholes like Bobby Petrino.  Don’t be an “I” guy.

Keith Olbermann went off on Bobby Petrino and the Courier Journal had the story:

University of Louisville head football coach Bobby Petrino was deemed the day’s “worst person in the sports world” by Keith Olbermann on his late-night show for revoking South Carolina Mr. Football Matt Colburn’s scholarship just 48 hours before national signing day.

The running back, who had been committed to the U of L football program since June, said in an interview with News 19’s Ron Aiken that he was “completely befuddled” that his scholarship was taken back. Instead, Colburn was given the opportunity to “grayshirt” with the football program, which would require him to enroll in school in January and not play until the 2016 season.

According to Petrino, the scholarship was needed to fill a void in the team’s defensive backfield. This decision did not sit well with the athletic director and football coach at Dutch Fork High School, as the program has decided to cutoff the Cardinals and Petrino from recruiting players at the school in the future.

Olbermann noted in his nightly segment that Petrino’s actions should come as no surprise.

“Honestly, a guy who once quit his job as coach of the Atlanta Falcons by leaving a generic note at the locker of each player,” he said. “A man who once crashed his motorcycle and said he was alone on it — no passengers. Then it turned out there was a passenger, and it turned out it was a woman, and it turned out it wasn’t his wife, and it turned out it was an employee of his athletic department and they were having an affair. And you were worried about him living up to his word? Why? Louisville coach Bobby Petrino: liar. Still a liar, always a liar. How can that university associate itself with this man?”

895Sports.com 8th Region H.S. Basketball Computer Rankings Boys and Girls 2/7/15


I don’t think it is too much of a stretch to say that Oldham County is playing the best basketball out of everyone in the region.  The Colonels are 21-4 and find themselves in the midst of an 8 game winning streak.   Their 4 losses have come against Eastern, Trinity, Scott County, and North Oldham.  Owen County is barely clinging to number 1 as they find themselves in the strong part of their schedule.  Collins handed Owen County its fourth loss on 2/5 to put them at 22-4 and 14-1 in the region.  Oldham County, Owen County, and Collins each have only one loss in the region.  Collins’ only region loss was to Oldham.

1 Owen County 81.2
2 Oldham County 79.9
3 Collins 68.3
4 Shelby County 62.8
5 Trimble County 58.5
6 North Oldham 58.6
7 Anderson County 59.3
8 Walton-Verona 49.5
9 Simon Kenton 53.3
10 Grant County 50.4
11 Spencer County 47.4
12 Henry County 38.2
13 Eminence 43.0
14 Carroll County 36.8
15 South Oldham 36.8
16 Gallatin County 29.4
17 Williamstown 26.8


This is the first time the computer has ranked the girls.  Simon Kenton is 20-1, 6-0 in the region and nearly doubled up number 2 Shelby County in the first game of the season.  Shelby County is probably a much better team now than they were back then and find themselves at a solid 21-5, 8-2 in the region.

1 Simon Kenton 81.5
2 Shelby County 76.5
3 Gallatin County 67.6
4 Anderson County 61.7
5 Trimble County 61.1
6 South Oldham 56.8
7 Collins 55.1
8 Walton-Verona 53.6
9 Williamstown 51.1
10 North Oldham 50.0
11 Oldham County 46.6
12 Carroll County 40.2
13 Owen County 35.9
14 Eminence 35.9
15 Grant County 34.7
16 Spencer County 32.6
17 Henry County 31.3

859Sports.com10th Region H.S. Basketball Computer Rankings Boys and Girls 2/7/15


The top five are holding steady but Mason County is clearly the best team in the region.  The Royals beat George Rogers Clark by 14 on 2/6.  Unfortunately, Campbell County and GRC do not play each other in the regular season.  However, the wildcard in all of this is Harrison County who is starting to gel and string together wins over some quality opponents.  Harrison County added a player midseason from Scott County and it is starting to show.  Brossart picks up a quality win against Augusta after being ran off the court by NCC the night before.  Pendleton County picked up a couple nice wins before falling flat against Sayre.

1 Mason County 84.8
2 George Rogers Clark 67.1
3 Campbell County 66.8
4 Paris 64.2
5 Augusta 62.4
6 Bishop Brossart 58.5
7 Scott 54.5
8 Montgomery County 53.7
9 Harrison County 53.0
10 St. Patrick 49.2
11 Silver Grove 43.2
12 Pendleton County 41.4
13 Nicholas County 39.4
14 Bracken County 31.4
15 Bourbon County 31.4
16 Robertson County 25.2
17 Calvary Christian 20.2


This is the first week the computer has ranked the Girls.  There is quite a bit of parity throughout the region.  Although, the region is lacking a Holmes, Highlands, or Holy Cross; there are perhaps 6 or 7 teams that could end up being the representative in the sweet 16.  There should be some really competitive fun games to watch in the post-season with a lot of good coaches getting the most out of their teams.

1 Scott 67.3
2 Bracken County 63.4
3 Campbell County 63.2
4 Mason County 61.7
5 George Rogers Clark 60.6
6 Bourbon County 53.6
7 Robertson County 52.9
8 Bishop Brossart 52.2
9 Augusta 50.6
10 Pendleton County 48.6
11 Nicholas County 45.2
12 Montgomery County 35.2
13 Harrison County 34.6
14 Paris 33.2
15 Calvary Christian 23.9
16 Calvary Christian 20.2
17 St. Patrick 17.5

859Sports.com 9th Region H.S. Basketball Computer Rankings Boys and Girls 2/7/15


Not much has changed in the 9th region since last week’s rankings.  Covcath drew a little closer to Newcath and should run the table on the rest of their schedule.  Newcath will be tested a few more times before the regular season is complete.  The T-Breds have key matchups remaining against Holmes and Trinity. Cooper moves up past Boone with 5 straight wins.  After beating Highlands 61-60 back on the January 30th, Bellevue has taken advantage of a softer part of their schedule to string together five straight wins and move to 11-11.

1 Newport Central Catholic 85.4
2 Covington Catholic 78.1
3 Holmes 73.2
4 Dixie Heights 68.7
5 Cooper 64.5
6 Boone County 64.3
7 St. Henry 59.8
8 Holy Cross (Covington) 53.1
9 Ludlow 52.8
10 Conner 52.7
11 Bellevue 52.3
12 Newport 51.1
13 Beechwood 51.0
14 Lloyd Memorial 44.3
15 Highlands 39.6
16 Villa Madonna 38.7
17 Ryle 33.2
18 Dayton 31.7
19 Covington Latin 30.1
20 Heritage Academy 24.0


This is the first time the computer has ranked the girls.  Holmes may just make another run at a title this year.  They have scored twice as many points as they have given up and sit at 23-1.  The Bulldogs only loss was to rival Holy Cross, who was able to hold the ball and sneak out a 51-47 win.  Holy Cross is obviously no push over at 12-0 in the region.

1 Holmes 90.1
2 Highlands 81.7
3 Holy Cross (Covington) 81.5
4 Newport Central Catholic 63.3
5 Ryle 59.7
6 Boone County 59.0
7 Ludlow 57.2
8 Lloyd Memorial 56.8
9 Newport 56.7
10 St. Henry 56.1
11 Dixie Heights 56.0
12 Villa Madonna 54.3
13 Bellevue 52.8
14 Notre Dame 48.2
15 Conner 46.8
16 Beechwood 43.5
17 Dayton 41.9
18 Cooper 39.5
19 Covington Latin 36.9
20 Heritage Academy 32.1

Cable Guy Is Tired of Your Shit

If you have to make 39 trips to someone’s house, the least they can do is appreciate your perseverance and shut their damn mouths.  Chicago area Comcast technicians have had up to here with you people and they aren’t going to take it anymore.  Chicago sports suck now anyway.  Get out of the house. Go eat some hot dogs and drink some beer.  And as my dad proclaimed last night, “they pay a guy $5 million to coach basketball and then want to charge me another $8 to watch it.  To hell with ESPN….U.”

Days after it was revealed that Comcast changed one customer’s first name to “A**hole,” the company pulled a similar stunt again, changing 63-year-old Mary Bauer’s name to “SuperB****.”

Bauer, who lives in Addison, Illinois, told her story on Chicago’s TV station WGN, claiming Comcast’s cable service has been very poor, with 39 technicians showing up at her home to fix technical issues from November 2013 to April 2014.

After the problems were finally fixed, she stopped receiving bills from Comcast, prompting her to call the company again. Finally, in January she received the bill — this time, with her name changed to SuperB**** Bauer.

Just like Ricardo and Lisa Brown, who were on the receiving end of a similar stunt from Comcast in late January, Bauer claims she was not rude to the Comcast operator.

“This is a disgrace to me. Why are they doing this to me? I pay my bills. I do not deserve this,” she told WGN.

Comcast told WGN it is “investigating this thoroughly,” promising to reach out to Mary Bauer.

Read more at mashable.com

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