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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Chicago, Gangsters, Domestic Violence, and Crime (The Valentine’s Day Edition)

Happy Valentines Day!

Former Reds pitcher David Wells tweeted a photo claiming that his wife bit him for cheating on her.

Then his wife tweeted this photo:

Was he cheating on her with David Cone?  I hope this is not the joke that it appears.  David Wells is > Kenny Powers.

Yoga pants are under attack.  Really, the ultra extremists in this country have a lot more in common with the Taliban than they do with America.  Can we just stop this conversation now?  Whether it be Yoga pants, leggings or etc.  there is a place for them in this country.  Want to talk about banning something?  How about  hair buns, high waist jeans, and flats.

Go America!  Lets start the protest against the protest right now!


I spent nearly a week in Chicago last June.  Made two trips to Wrigley.  The place is still a dump.  There’s not a good seat in the entire park and on June 26th it was so damn cold, I had to leave early.  Chicago is a great place if you like beer, food, and educated women.  Chicago is a horrible place if you like baseball.  Well, Wrigley field is being renovated:

This offseason, the long-awaited ballpark expansion and restoration, now known as The 1060 Project, is underway. This upgrade is designed to ensure the viability of the ballpark for future generations of Cubs fans, while preserving the beauty, charm and historic features fans have come to know and love.

The four-year plan — which will include structural upgrades; improved player facilities, new fan amenities, outfield signage, including a video board in left field, expanded concessions, new and improved restroom facilities, and much more — will be undertaken in four separate phases, beginning with the conclusion of the 2014 baseball season. Here’s what you can expect in each of the next four years at the corner of Clark and Addison.

Will fans still have to wait in long lines to pee in a horse trough?

Roger Goodell made $35 million dollars for doing absolutely nothing in 2014.  How hard is it to get up every morning, go to the office and not make decisions and have no repercussions to your lack of decision making.  Goodell is a New York City rich kid who has never had to sit in a job interview in his life.  He has not one thing in common with the average NFL fan except perhaps IQ.  He is the face of Wall Street.  The face of handouts and legacies.   Never being accountable, never having to earn anything but handed over the reins to powerful institutions because he happens to be old, fat, white and someone’s son.  But the new MLB commissioner is probably worse. According to Yahoo Sports, Rob Manfred says he believes going to a Super Bowl type biding process to see who will host the MLB All-Star game.  I just can’t tell you how little I think of the All-Star game but its a big deal to a lot of fans and it should remain as far from NFL like handling as is possible.

Cops mishandled the Aaron Hernandez investigation.  They showed up at his house at 10:30 pm and knocked on the door.  No one answered so they walked around for a long time. Their evidence is crumbling as they are now relying on the “it took him a long time to answer the door” proof of guilt.   However, Hernandez screwed up by giving in and talking.  The Patriot’s knew that Hernandez was being invested within hours after the murder according to Yahoo Sports and cut him within hours of his arrest.  If that would have been you or me that the cops found rental keys from a car we rented in the jacket of a dead person, they would’ve sought a warrant and knocked down our doors.

The Reds have one legitimate really good hitter and his name is Joey Votto.  People in this town that are bad at math are already bitching about Votto.  Marty Brennaman made some kind of ridiculous remark on WLW yesterday about if Votto wants to lead the league in OBP, then the Reds are in trouble.  Baloney.  That statement is pure Thom Foolery.

Does Marty B. even know who has led the league in OBP over the last 40 years?

Here is every person who has led the NL in OBP from 1974 to 2014 (23 names):

McCutchen, Votto, Pujols, Chipper Jones, Bonds, Helton, Larry Walker, McGwire, Sheffield, Gwynn, Dykstra, Lonnie Smith, Kal Daniels, Jack Clark, Raines, Pedro Guerrero, Gary Mathews, Mike Schmidt, Keith Hernandez, Pete Rose, Jeff Burroughs, Reggie Smith, Joe Morgan.

Want to go back further?

How about:

Ken Singleton, Morgan, Mays, Carty, McCovey, Rose, Allen, Santo, Mathews, Frank Robinson, Wally Moon, Ashburn, Joe Cunningham, Musial, Jackie Robinson, Ralph friggin Kiner.

Takes up to through the 1950s.

I can’t help but wonder if the same people who complain about Votto getting on base, think Todd Frazier is a “gamer.”

Wondering about Valentine’s Day?  Well me neither but I want to fill this post with more insanity, so here it goes:

According to one legend, an imprisoned Valentine actually sent the first “valentine” greeting himself after he fell in love with a young girl–possibly his jailor’s daughter–who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter signed “From your Valentine,” an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories all emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic and–most importantly–romantic figure. By the Middle Ages, perhaps thanks to this reputation, Valentine would become one of the most popular saints in England and France.

Bugs Moran was a Chicago Northsider and leader of the Irish Catholic mob.  Moran invented the drive by shooting.  Tired of the drive by shootings, Al Capone staged a ambush one infamous Valentine’s Day.  The site of the Valentine’s Day massacre has not been preserved and is now a parking lot to some kind of hospital.

Happy February 14th everyone.

Saturday Morning Cartoons 2/7/15: The TMZ Issue

Good afternoon everyone.

Bruce Jenner has a website coming soon with the title, “World’s Greatest Athlete.”  There may be an entire generation that doesn’t even know that Jenner was an athlete.  For those who screenshot-www.brucejenner.com 2015-02-07 12-58-36don’t know, Jenner became wildly popular after winning an Olympic Gold Medal in the decathlon in 1976.  During the 1972 Olympics, in the midst of the “Cold War”, the USA lost the Gold to the Soviets in basketball, the decathlon, and the 100 meters.  When he won in ’76, Jenner was looked upon as a hero who had put America back on top.

So, ultimately it was a transgendered person who beat the Russians in the Iron man event.  USA! USA! USA!

Even the Village People are surprised Bruce Jenner’s becoming a woman. Randy Jones — a k a the Cowboy from the “Macho Man” band — was spotted at John and Tommy Greco’s K*Rico in Hell’s Kitchen, exclaiming, “I need a cocktail. I can’t wrap my mind around the news on Bruce!”

Bigger fall from the top:  Tiger Woods or Alex Rodriguez?  Apparently, Arod is healthy again or as healthy as someone with two surgically repaired hips will ever be.

Ryan Hatch of NJ.com reports that Dr. Brian Kelly of the Hospital for Special Surgery has cleared Rodriguez to play in 2015. Brian Cashman took to WFAN to talk with Mike Francesa, a notorious A-Rod apologist.

“It’s all systems go,” Cashman said. “He’s been conditioning and going in the right direction.” Kelly has performed surgery on A-Rod in the past.

So there is this dog that does ballet.


There is something comforting in predicting gloom and doom for the Redlegs.  That being the case, here are two paragraphs that will make you feel warm inside:

The Reds are kind of strapped financially, with $69 million already committed to the 2016 payroll without the salaries of Cueto, Mike Leake (earning $9.78 million in 2015), Aroldis Chapman (entering third year of arbitration), Todd Frazier (entering second year of arbitration) and Zack Cozart (entering first year of arbitration). Let’s not forget about Marlon Byrd, who has an $8 million vesting option (if he makes 550 plate appearances).

Perhaps the Reds shouldn’t have jumped the gun before the 2014 season when they signed starter Homer Bailey to a six-year, $105 million contract when his career numbers are just about average (58-50 with a 4.17 ERA, 1.31 WHIP and 829 strikeouts in 166 starts). At that point they already had given Joey Votto (10 years and $225 million), Brandon Phillies (10 years and $98 million) and Jay Bruce (six years and $51 million) fairly large contracts for the type of market they’re in.

The Reds are kind of like watching Demi Moore make one last grab at being on top and then tragically becoming a castaway after a couple bonehead moves.

Sports at the professional and quasi-amatuer college level are often times sick, perverted, and disgusting entities.  I hate watching the trickle down effect that it is having on high school sports.  Everyone seems to be playing for some other reason than the game itself.  AAU, Elite, traveling, select; are all words that make my skin crawl.  Play for your school.  Playing for your school is all that matters.  Those are the memories that you will take with you and what you will hold onto forever.  Keep it in perspective, because the world already has too many assholes like Bobby Petrino.  Don’t be an “I” guy.

Keith Olbermann went off on Bobby Petrino and the Courier Journal had the story:

University of Louisville head football coach Bobby Petrino was deemed the day’s “worst person in the sports world” by Keith Olbermann on his late-night show for revoking South Carolina Mr. Football Matt Colburn’s scholarship just 48 hours before national signing day.

The running back, who had been committed to the U of L football program since June, said in an interview with News 19’s Ron Aiken that he was “completely befuddled” that his scholarship was taken back. Instead, Colburn was given the opportunity to “grayshirt” with the football program, which would require him to enroll in school in January and not play until the 2016 season.

According to Petrino, the scholarship was needed to fill a void in the team’s defensive backfield. This decision did not sit well with the athletic director and football coach at Dutch Fork High School, as the program has decided to cutoff the Cardinals and Petrino from recruiting players at the school in the future.

Olbermann noted in his nightly segment that Petrino’s actions should come as no surprise.

“Honestly, a guy who once quit his job as coach of the Atlanta Falcons by leaving a generic note at the locker of each player,” he said. “A man who once crashed his motorcycle and said he was alone on it — no passengers. Then it turned out there was a passenger, and it turned out it was a woman, and it turned out it wasn’t his wife, and it turned out it was an employee of his athletic department and they were having an affair. And you were worried about him living up to his word? Why? Louisville coach Bobby Petrino: liar. Still a liar, always a liar. How can that university associate itself with this man?”

Five For Friday

  1. A minor move that could impact the Bengals draft:  Bengals signed running back James Wilder Jr., to a future/reserve contract.  There is a very good chance that Wilder will now stick on the roster next season as a fourth running back. Only players who were not on any NFL team’s active roster when the previous season ended are eligible for these types of contracts.  In 2013, Wilder averaged 7 yards per carry. Wilder was named All-ACC Honorable Mention.  Wilder rushed for 1,363 yards with 20 rushing touchdowns during his career at Florida State University. He entered the 2014 NFL Draft after his junior season.  Wilder is 6’3, 235.
  2. Former Bengal Running Back Ostell Miles has been indicted by a Denver, Colorado grand jury on 44 counts involving stealing cars while posing as a towing company. The counts also include violating Colorado’s Organized Crime Control Act and identity theft. The 44 year old Miles was drafted by the Bengals in the 9th round of the 1992 draft out of the University of Houston.  Miles played with David Klingler in Houston and backed up Harold Green and Derrick Fenner for two seasons with the Bengals.
  3. The Reds announced their non-roster spring training invitees.  Most interesting is 29 year old Brennan Boesch who started three years in the outfield for the Detroit Tigers, 2010, 11, & 12. In 2013, Boesch had 53 plate appearances with the Yankees and in 2014, 77 PAs with the Angels.  Boesch will push some roster competition and how embarrassing it would be to see him outplay 37 year old Marlon Byrd.
  4. The Oscar nominees for Best Picture are:
    1. American Sniper, starring Bradley Cooper, based on the memoir of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle.
    2. Boyhood, Richard Linklater’s 12-year chronicle of the life of a boy from kindergarten to college.
    3. Birdman, starring Michael Keaton as an actor who once played a superhero and attempts a comeback on Broadway.

    4. The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson’s offbeat but meticulously drawn story of a concierge played by Ralph Fiennes and his young protege.

    5. The Imitation Game, liberally adapted from the actual life of Alan Turing, the mathematician who broke Germany’s Enigma Code during World War II and was later prosecuted for homosexuality.

    6. The Theory of Everything, about the marriage and early career of scientist Stephen Hawking.

    7. Whiplash, the tense tale of a drummer played by Miles Teller facing off against a teacher played by veteran actor J.K. Simmons.

    8. Selma, Ava DuVernay’s dramatization of the events surrounding the Selma civil rights marches of 1964 and the development of the Voting Rights Act.

  5. Six high school basketball teams from northern Kentucky tip off today at NKU’s Bank of Kentucky Center: It is almost certain that one of these teams will be representing the 9th region in the Sweet 16 and Campbell County won the 10th region in 2014.  This is a great opportunity for high school basketball players to showcase their ability on a division I campus.
    1. * Scott vs. Campbell County, 5:30 p.m.
    2. * Cooper vs. Holmes, 7 p.m.
    3. * Covington Catholic vs. Newport Central Catholic, 8:30 p.m.

Tuesday: It was good.


The police are not here to create disorder, they’re here to preserve disorder.
~Richard J. Daley

Less than 90 minutes after winning the first ever college football playoff National Championship, citizens in Columbus, Ohio were gassed and the celebration was ended by a militarized police force.  Why?  Because they would not stay on the sidewalks.  Police in this country need to chill the fuck out.  They show up looking like soldiers and marines in full riot gear and armor like they are in Fullujah.  Its ridiculous and time for a serious discussion to take place about what kind of country we want to live in.  A handful of people were arrested last night. What is the taxpayer bill for that?

University of Texas football is once again the most profitable in the country, raking in $74 million in profits. Michigan was second at $64.6.  The University of Kentucky football is around $18 million in profits (Florida State football is only at about $24 million).  However, the football program gets a raw deal, as priorities are sorely misplaced in Lexington.   Kentucky basketball profits fall more in the $6 million range. University of Louisville has the most profitable basketball program in the country at about $17 million.  There just isn’t any money in broadcasting college basketball, except for a few situations and the made for TV, NCAA tournament.

Jason Whitlock wrote this once upon a time: 

Listen, I love the NFL playoffs. But I also love the college football regular season, which is the best regular season in all of sports. The sports writers and broadcasters who constantly campaign for a college playoff system are completely misguided and uninformed.

I wonder if he still feels that way.

The Norse mens basketball team hosts Kennesaw State in the A-SUN home opener tomorrow night at 7:00 pm.  Come check out some Division I basketball and have a couple beers in a very comfortable arena.

Baseball America has this to say about the Reds outlook:

But over the long term, it’s going to be hard for the Reds to keep up with the Pirates, Cardinals and Cubs, given their payroll obligations to Votto and second baseman Brandon Phillips.

In 2017, the Reds will devote roughly $70 million to four players. For a team that saw its payroll max out at $114 million in 2014, and was under $100 million just two years ago, it’s going to be tough to figure out a way to make those numbers work.

Five For Friday: Damien Harris, Marvin Lewis, Reds, NKU, K-Mart

damien-harris1.  Madison Southern Running Back, Damien Harris is set to announce where he will be playing football next season.  The announcement will take place at 1:15 pm from his high school.  I don’t normally get interested in where a teenager decides to go to school; but this has been a spectacle that only central Kentucky could produce.

I think he is going to choose UK; but either way, expectations should be tempered for any kid coming off a knee injury who wants to play running back in the SEC.  The 5’11, 200 pound Harris seems to be without mentorship and has been outspoken at times.  He has never won a high school playoff game in an era with the most football classes and with the most teams going to the playoffs.  He has some really great numbers but he plays running back.  The position of running back has been devalued greatly as the trickle down effects of the NFL have influenced the college game. There hasn’t been a running back taken in the first round of the NFL draft since 2012.  That streak likely ends in 2015.

The top 5 Kentucky high school running backs I have ever seen in person probably all played at Boone County between 1986 and 1994 when the school finished state runners-up 4 times during that span.  But here is a top list to consider:  1. Shawn Alexander, Boone Co./Alabama, 2. Brandon Black, Boone Co./drafted by the Mets, 3. John Ransdell, Boone Co., 4. Justin Frisk, Highlands,/JUCO, 5. Bryan Sheperd, Campbell Co./Cincinnati

headshot_606652.  The Reds made a savvy move after spending most of the winter pissing down their leg, when they acquired Keyvius Sampson off of waivers from the Padres.  Sampson filled the remaining open spot on the Reds 40 man roster.  Sampson also may fill the void left by Alfredo Simon.  It is not everyday a team can pick up a 24 year old major league ready starting right hander who can touch 99 MPH.  The Padres have gone mad. This is the kind of low risk/high reward chance the Reds should be taking on hitters.  The miss on Nelson Cruz still stings.  The Reds get a pass while the Bengals get raked over the coals for losing in the playoffs.

3.  Marvin Lewis is going to be the head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals until it is no longer profitable for the Bengals to have him at head coach.  That is how the Bengals do business.  Mike Brown looks at the head coaching position as the CEO of a company.  Lewis fits that mold perfectly.  In a league where there is very little difference between the teams that make the playoffs and the teams that do not, making the playoffs four straight years (6 of 10) is beating the market. Lewis has the trust of the front office and the players.  I think they are to a point that the reason they get beat can be identified as something more than coaching.  The Bengals played a physically and mentally demanding schedule where 8 of 16 games were against really good playoff teams.  They never get an off week and to play at the level they have to play to carry the shortcomings of their quarterback is a tough road to navigate.  If Dalton never gets better, they never will play in a Super Bowl; it doesn’t matter who is coaching.  I’d like to see some better offensive coordinating; but really, winning 10 games after losing Zimmer tells me they are doing something right.  Over the last two years the Bengals have hung losses on all of the darlings of the NFL: Brady, Rogers, and Manning. This upcoming draft is an important one.

nku basketball4.  Cincinnati.com, the Cincinnati Enquirer’s website still does not have a tab for NKU on their sports page which amounts to professional malpractice.  One day soon NKU is going to win the Atlantic Sun and make their very predictable mid-major run in the tournament.  Madness  will ensue.  I lived in southwest Florida when FGCU made their run and now there are billboards on I75 down there that still say, “Welcome to Dunk City”.  The Enquirer will be behind the curve when it happens here.  I appreciate what Xavier basketball is all about but I’m not sure how many more big east basketball stories I can stomach.  It should be a crime to even call that conference the “Big East”.  Jimmy Burke and Henry Hill are turning over in their graves.

5.  Kenyon Martin is back.  The man who embodies post championship Cincinnati sports has tweeted that he will be playing for the Bucks:

The 37 year old Martin has already put together a lengthy NBA career.  He was drafted 1st overall by the New Jersey Nets in 2000.  He didn’t ever live up to his first pick status but he has made over $112 million dollars while averaging a little over 12 points per game, across 14 seasons.  

In his last year at Cincinnati, Martin won college basketball’s three most prestigious awards:

1999-00 NCAA AP Player of the Year
1999-00 NCAA John R. Wooden Award
1999-00 NCAA Naismith Men’s College Player of the Year Award

But he will most be remembered in these parts for the broken leg he suffered three minutes into the Bearcats’ first game of the Conference USA Tournament, keeping him out of the NCAA Tournament that year. The team finished with a record of 29-4.  Many thought the Martin would lead the Bob Huggins coached Bearcats to a National Championship but the injury was too much for the team to overcome on the eve of the NCAA.

The Big Pasta Trade

I didn’t even want to address the trade the Reds made with the Tigers.   Not that Alfredo Simon is untradeable, but its because the 2014 Reds team all to often seemed like a bunch of pushovers. Not Alfredo.  He won me over as a fan when he was the only one on the Reds bench who took serious exception to Tony Rizzo or whatever her name is.  His numbers are probably decieving and he is very likely to be overpaid very soon; but let those without swag cast the first tweet.  Alfredo Simon showed up and threw strikes everytime out.

What did the Reds get in return?  Probably just enough talent to agravate all the teenage girls  who think Zach Cozart is dreamy.  I am speaking of 22 year old shortstop Eugenio Suarez.

The folks up in Detroit aren’t thrilled with trade and that makes me feel better.  Everyone expects Simon to regress.  Well not everyone. There is that and maybe that alone is enough to try to unload him.

Maybe they haven’t seen the Reds play because by all accounts, Suarez could replace Cozart at some point:

Suarez had some spurts of success in 2014, but his overall numbers were not that impressive. Suarez possess a good glove and range, but his glove at times was suspect and his lack of big league experience really showed. Suarez will probably never be an All Star, but could be a nice bench piece for the Reds for years to come.

The Reds have a nice bench piece in Cozart.  Suarez is a player who strikes out twice as many times as he walks and has never hit more than 9 home runs in one season, at any level.

Nevermind, lets move on to the other piece the Reds got for Simon, pitching prospect, Jonathon Crawford.

Crawford was tabbed by several sources as the Tigers number 1 pitching prosepect (i’m not sold on that).  Crawford is another University of Florida pitcher, joining fello Gator, Anthony DeSclafani as new additions to the Reds pitching stable.  I’ve read reports that called Crawford’s performance at A ball “dominating.”  I do not agree.  He walked 50 batters in 123 innings and only struck out 85.  Decent numbers; but the league he pitched in has a few canyons as ball parks.

However you view Crawford, he is still seasons away from contributing.  He is the meat of the Simon deal but I don’t think he can hit or play left field.   The Tigers saw him as expendable because they do have a nice bunch of young arms.  I think one scout sums Crawford up perfectly:

The secondary stuff isn’t necessarily the issue, as far as I’m concerned. The slider is a true wipeout pitch, probably a 7, but I’m more worried about the velocity and the delivery. He’s really, really stiff, and the motion kind of reminds me of Tyson Ross with the short stride.

How will the Reds disapoint us next?  Will it be to bring in another Carmello Martinez?  Whoever it is, they missed out again.  And enjoy your weekend and don’t read this.

Later Latos

With Mat Latos the Reds had a 27 year old pitcher (born December 9) who started 81 games over the last 3 seasons.  Latos provided the Reds 8.6 (exceeding Jon Lester’s production) WAR for a little over $12 million during his time in Cincinnati.

Pros:  At only 27, Latos is in his prime and potentially has several quality seasons left.  He’s a power pitcher who doesn’t give up a lot of home runs.  Up until 2014, he was dependable and solid.  He had 33 wins for the Reds in those 81 starts.  He improved his physical condition when he became a Red, as he was chided on Twiter as “Fat Latos”.  Well, somewhere along the way he became a pitcher and started taking his job seriously.  In 2012, he was 15th in WAR among all MLB pitchers and in 2013 he was 27th. The Reds got ace production out of him for two seasons.

Cons:  Most recently, Latos was sidelined for 85 games in 2014.  He was shut down on September 8 with elbow inflammation. He missed spring training and the first 66 games of the regular season recovering from knee surgery he had in February. But most importantly for the Reds, Latos is going to be a free agent at the end of 2015.   The injuries could just be a temporary stumbling block or it could be a sign of things to come.

In 2013, Baseball Prospectus had this to say about Latos:

“Latos moved from the most pitcher-friendly ballpark in MLB to one of the least, and yet his numbers remained virtually unchanged. Of the 25 homers he allowed, 18 came at home. Of those, all but three came with the bases empty, thus limiting the damage. His overall numbers at GABP were slightly better than on the road. After starting out slowly for his new team, Latos dominated in the second half. He has been worked hard for someone his age, and last year he showed a curious tendency to wear down in the middle innings that hadn’t surfaced before. Assuming the workload doesn’t come back to bite him, Latos should remain at the front of a big-league rotation for the foreseeable future.”

So was the trade a good deal for the Reds or not?

My first thoughts are that the Marlins could get more for Latos next summer in a trade than they gave up to get him.  Jockety has a spotty record when it comes to dealing with pitchers.  Maybe Jockety still feels the pain from the Mark Mulder deal he made in St. Louis.  However, no one seems to miss Edison Volquez around here these days despite his 2014 revival with the Pirates (0-2 vs. Reds in 2014).  Yahoo! Sports says Volquez is seeking $20 million over 2 years.  Maybe Jockety is on to something.

In return for Latos the Reds acquired RHP Anthony DeSclafani and C-R Chad Wallach (Tim Wallach’s son).  DeSciafani is a Manziel like mIdget at 6’1 and Wallach is a light hitting 23 year old minor league A level catcher.

So lets just skip to DeSciafani.  The scary part is that you have to believe the Reds fully expect DeSclafani to compete for a rotation spot.  Otherwise, they just threw Latos away to save money.  So can DeSciafani contribute to the Reds next year? John Fay doesn’t think so but that guy is never right about anything and has more lately just become a megaphone for the Reds front office.

DeSciafani is 24 years and 7 months old today. He pitched in the majors last season for Miami, starting 5 games. The 5 walks in 33 MLB innings shows some control.  Most think he will end up as a reliever and describe him with adjectives such as, “aggressive” and “confident”.  Baseball Prospectus had him listed as Miami’s 6th best prospect.  He was originally drafted by Toronto out of the University of Florida.

Baseball Prospectus had this to say:

DeSclafani is one of those arms that consistently pitches with a high level of confidence in his stuff. He isn’t afraid to come right after and challenge hitters, avoiding spells of nibbling and trying to be too fine. When the stuff is more solid average than well above average, however, there needs to be some element of finesse to avoid working in spots that usually result in ringing contact around the yard. The right-hander ran into this during his call-up in 2014, especially when working as a starter. DeSclafani’s mentality and fastball-slider combo likely slot him into a relief role over the long run, where his heater can play up a tick in short bursts and his aggressive approach fits with getting two or three concentrated outs before handing the ball over to someone else. There is a chance that the 24-year-old can tone things down a bit and get enough out of the changeup to hang as a starter on a second-division team for the early portion of his career. The righty should be in line to log major-league time in 2015, in all likelihood consistently coming out of Miami’s bullpen at some point in the season.

If this is all you get for a top 30 starting pitcher, it must have been completely motivated by the almighty dollar.  That scares that daylights out me.  The Reds are in such a financial boondoggle that they have to just give Latos away?  Why not trade him at the deadline last season, or give him a chance at a comeback and trade him in 2015 if the wheels fall off again?  What am I missing?  Maybe Latos’ health is a bigger deal than we believe.

Don’t even look here.  That Matt Kemp deal will make you sick to be a Reds fan.